Biden on Taiwan: Did he really commit US forces to stopping any invasion by China? An expert explains why, on balance, probably not

The White House has been left scrambling a little after President Joe Biden suggested on May 23, 2022, that the U.S. would intervene militarily should China attempt an invasion of Taiwan. Meredith Oyen, history and Asian studies, helps explain the background to Biden’s comments and untangles what should be read into his remarks – and what shouldn’t.

Body of Work

It was at UMBC that Arteche decided to delve into other ways of exploring their identity and visibility through art and culture.

Portrait of a smiling young Asian woman with long hair. She wears a light pink shirt and stands in a building atrium.

URCAD 2021 showcases creativity, resilience of UMBC student researchers

Due to the constraints of COVID, student researchers have become even more creative in using technology not just to display their research, but to pursue their research at a time when in-person interviews, fieldwork, and traditional performances aren’t possible. Students learned to do interviews online and navigated lab research within physical distancing guidelines. They also responded to the pandemic by examining the changes in society and in themselves.

UMBC celebrates student achievement in the arts, humanities, and social sciences

“CAHSS’s amazing students do it all: think and learn across boundaries and borders, develop their identities as scholars and citizens, and contribute their imagination and expertise to local and global communities,” says Scott Casper, dean of CAHSS. “Given all they’ve already accomplished, it’s exciting to envision what they’ll do next.”

Amy Bhatt shines light on gender and immigration policy in new book High-Tech Housewives

“Now more than ever, Professor Bhatt’s research is crucial in helping all of us understand the everyday impact of high-skilled immigration,” shares Jessica Berman, director of the Dresher Center for the Humanities. “Thriving academic research communities are enriched by the knowledge and expertise highly-skilled international faculty, staff, and students bring and share.”

Danielle Allison advocates for student veterans on campus

“During orientation, all incoming students were encouraged to be involved…in civic agency as students who could have an impact on the direction of UMBC’s culture and policies,” says Allison. “This all sounded too good to be true at the time. Yet my experiences at UMBC proved it to be true.”

Exhibition and lecture explore the artwork and changing society of Myanmar

Opening on January 30 and continuing until March 26, the Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery will present Altered State: Painting Myanmar in a Time of Transition, an exhibition of paintings by 36 contemporary artists from Myanmar, the Southeast Asian nation formerly known as Burma.

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