Carolyn Forestiere provides innovative framework for student political science research

Published: Oct 29, 2016

Carolyn Forestiere, an associate professor of political science, has published a new book that aims to provide a learn-by-doing approach to guide students through their original research projects. The book, titled Beginning Research in Political Science (Oxford University Press 2016), includes data and instructional software tutorials to help guide students through the research process from start to finish.

Forestiere book coverThe text includes recent political science studies to provide context for each research theme outlined in the book and explains how students can best approach writing final research reports as they complete their projects.

“By and large, Forestiere has succeeded in finding that difficult balance between rigor and readability. Very few authors do that well, or are able to sustain the balance through an entire book,”Julio Borquez from the University of Michigan-Dearborn wrote in a review.

In connection with Forestiere’s teaching pedagogy and research, she has recently been nominated to serve on the Pi Sigma Alpha Executive Council of the National Political Science Honor Society. Forestiere is one of just 12 members from around the country selected for the leadership role.

The council meets annually at the American Political Science Association Convention to guide the affairs for the society. Beyond the 12 members, the council consists of a president, president-elect, executive director, newsletter editor, and the three most recent past presidents.

Forestiere researches comparative politics, Western Europe, institutions, and research methodology. She has been heavily involved in promoting student research and civic engagement research and activities through BreakingGround.

Read more about the Pi Sigma Alpha Executive Council on the society’s website, and read more about Forestiere’s new book on the Oxford University Press website.

Image: Carolyn Forestiere. Photo by Marlayna Demond ’11 for UMBC. 

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