UMBC’s Chris Curran receives major NIJ grant for research on law enforcement in K–12 schools

“Right now there are students being short-changed by the education system. They are not sitting in a classroom with a high enough quality teacher. They are not being provided the resources they deserve,” Curran reflects. “Too often these disparities run along racial lines, socioeconomic lines, or gender lines, and that is a problem.”

Women presents a talk from a podium, with laptop in front of her and projector screen behind her.

Christy Ford Chapin begins Library of Congress fellowship, continuing history faculty’s trend of research achievement

Chapin loves how historians seek answers buried in documents, archives, museums, libraries, basements, attics and forgotten filing cabinets. “I was really intimidated by the research aspect early on in my graduate career, but then I fell in love with the hunt for primary sources and the process of putting together pieces of the evidence puzzle,” she says.

Students sit around a conference table, with one speaking.

UMBC receives major award to support inclusive excellence in the humanities

UMBC’s Dresher Center for the Humanities and College of the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences are launching a major new five-year initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the humanities through a $750,000 grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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