Class of 2022

The graduates in UMBC’s Class of 2022 are leaders, dreamers, entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators, and trailblazers. They’ve spent their college careers breaking down barriers, exploring the world, and finding ways to inspire others.

Get to know these remarkable Retrievers and see how they are changing the world.

Class of 2022 Student Profiles

  • World traveler finds future in data science at UMBC

    Woman smiling in front of plants for headshot

    While working at Sodexo, a food services company, Tchuissi Mbu Nyamsi ’22 realized that there were data problems she wanted to solve. “I realized it was something I really wanted to have more knowledge in and I wanted to sharpen my skills,” she says. So she enrolled in UMBC’s master’s program in data science at…

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  • Finding “true success” by supporting younger students

    Portrait of Favour Nwagugo outdoors on UMBC campus

    Favour Nwagugo ’22, biological sciences, is a Meyerhoff Scholar and LSAMP Scholar. From his first semester, he has also been a dedicated volunteer with the CHOICE Program at UMBC, working each week with elementary through high school students. Continue Reading Finding “true success” by supporting younger students

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  • Computer science grad carries forward UMBC’s positive energy

    Gabby Khan ‘22 came to UMBC to study computer science and game development. What she found when she arrived was a warm, supportive community. “Everyone was welcoming and felt responsive, like humans,” she says. “People in administration who I’d call with questions were welcoming and friendly.” Continue Reading Computer science grad carries forward UMBC’s positive…

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  • Data science grad finds unique way to pursue passion for sport

    A student in a white jacket smiles

    Chetan Desai, M.P.S. ’22, data science, came to UMBC from India in Spring 2021, overcoming the barriers of international travel during the pandemic, with a unique goal in mind. He wanted to combine his skills in data science with his passion for sport.  Continue Reading Data science grad finds unique way to pursue passion for…

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  • Ukrainian graduate aims to bring people together

    Kateryna Yakusheva ’22, global studies and economics, looks forward to working on the international stage, with an organization like the World Bank or International Monetary Fund. Wherever her career takes her, she knows she wants to help different groups come together to manage risks, address conflicts, and build new futures. Continue Reading Ukrainian graduate aims…

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  • Language enthusiast wants to broaden his perspective

    Boy smiling for headshot outdoors in UMBC sweatshirt

    An aspiring polyglot, Caleb Ruck ’22, modern languages and linguistics, collected languages like Pokemon when he was young. No college felt right, however, until the day he toured UMBC. He knew right away that it was where he belonged. “I genuinely think that UMBC is the best possible fit that I could have gotten,” he…

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  • Future dentist values her U.S. college experience

    Student smiling for headshot

    As a child in Iran, Nastaran Azar ’22, biological science, was afraid when she saw her grandmother take out her dentures, but her brother’s explanation of what had happened to her grandmother’s original teeth gave Azar a life goal. “Teeth play a really important role in our lives,” she says. She plans to help others…

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  • Social work graduate invests in herself and others

    Woman smiling for headshot outside

    Jane De Hitta ‘22 was initially drawn to UMBC by its strong academic reputation and she quickly fell in love with the university. As a social work major who had long worked with adults with disabilities, she wanted to invest in the lives and stories of those around her. But when faced with a cancer…

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  • Passion for interdisciplinary thinking

    Arjun Trivedi ‘22, M30, mechanical engineering, is passionate about engineering, computing, and connecting with people outside of his field, who have different perspectives. He wants to learn about what drives them, how they think about the world, and if they have advice that could apply to his experience. Continue Reading Passion for interdisciplinary thinking

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  • Giving voice to immigrant experiences

    An adult with dark hair pulled back wearing a Fuchsia dress jacket and a blouse with Fuchsia flowers stands in front of a tree. Immigrant, UMBC, teenager.

    “When I arrived in Spain as a teenager, my teachers did not expect me to go to college because I was an immigrant and because I didn’t have the resources to access certain learning opportunities,” says Melisa Argañaraz Gomez, Ph.D. ’22, geography and environmental systems. “Now, as a graduate student in the U.S., remembering my…

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