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Change of Scenery—Then & Now

UMBC’s Catonsville campus has changed significantly since opening in 1966. How will it continue to transform?

Stay Golden, Retrievers

Although they are decades apart, the graduating Class of 2020 has made just as indelible a mark on UMBC as the first graduating class in 1970.

acting and sociology, and Hannah Kelly ’17, acting, pose for

Keeping Pace with Theatrical Intimacy 

Staging intimacy—which includes everything from holding hands to simulated sex—can be one of the most challenging parts of producing a play. 

Zack Smedley '18 goofs around with True Grit. Photo courtesy of the author.

Part-Time Novelist Wins New York Times Praise

Zack Smedley ’18 spent the first half of his senior year working on the manuscript that eventually became his debut young adult novel, Deposing Nathan.

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