Spring 2021

Musical Roots

Wye Oak recorded their first albums using student resources available on campus. Since their days in Fine Arts, the band has found international acclaim. Continue Reading Musical Roots

Crossword Puzzle Genius (14 letters**)

When Andrew Beck ’21, individualized studies, was a kid playing his first Game Boy Advance puzzle platform game, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, he didn’t know that video game design was a career option. After his freshman year living with the Individualized Studies Living and Learning Community, Beck caught a glimpse of a future he could look forward to—creating immersive game experiences. Although Beck is drawing on computerized games for his capstone project, his affinity for sudoku and crossword puzzles has grown as his trivia knowledge has flourished at UMBC. Get out your pencil—or pen, if you’re really feeling confident—and give… Continue Reading Crossword Puzzle Genius (14 letters**)

Q&A: View from the End of the Road

When the pandemic first hit, many of us found ourselves looking closely at what surrounded us and what confined us. For Brea Souders ’01, visual arts, however, the circumstances drove her to look outward through the screen of her upstate New York window, and to wonder deeply about the lives happening beyond her driveway. Continue Reading Q&A: View from the End of the Road

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