Fall 2019

Coaching Connections

New UMBC women’s basketball coach Johnetta Hayes hopes to create change within her team—but not only on the basketball court.

How to Become an American Ninja Warrior

Mama’s Boy Dan Eiskant ’19, media and communication studies, took the American Ninja Warrior challenge head-on and has competed two trials so far. He’s also teaching the next generation of ANJ hopefuls.

Food for Thought 

“We want to help students create meals that are easy to cook, but also well-rounded and full of nutrients,” explains Sachs, UMBC’s dietitian.

Photo by Dixie Gaultney.

A Doctor’s Dilemma

Decentering whiteness while working as a doctor abroad has made alumnus Matthew Loftus examine his medical methods and motivations again and again.

Unabashedly Inspirational

Throughout its history, UMBC has encouraged community members to take risks and make lasting changes to guide our institution to become The Empowered University it is today.

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