Scholar-athlete shines a light on mental health

Courtney Coppersmith, ‘22, biochemistry and molecular biology, experienced UMBC as a welcoming community on her first visit, and she has devoted her time on campus to paying that spirit forward. She is one of the top softball pitchers in the nation. And she has supported fellow UMBC student-athletes and the broader UMBC community through mental health and food security initiatives.

UMBC researchers offer knowledge, innovation during the time of COVID-19

At a time when information and misinformation are coming at us from all directions, and everyone is looking for answers, UMBC researchers are stepping up. They’re working hard to answer pressing questions about COVID-19 and sharing their expertise to help the public stay healthy and make informed decisions.

UMBC researchers work to support first responders through NSF-funded stress-response technology

Through a $370,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, UMBC researchers are using a wristband to collect stress level information from first responders during simulations that mimic on-call situations. They are developing a visual display system to aid first responders in understanding and reflecting on how they react to stressful situations. 

UMBC broadens international learning opportunities: Stories from five continents

“It is one thing for international partners to hear how UMBC is diverse and inclusive, it is another to actually see how it works in person,” reflects Rashed. “The success of this program, one we hope to continue, depends on the continued committed of the entire campus to the preparation of teachers from all over the world. This is where the real-life implementation of diversity and inclusion is invaluable.”

Photo by Sun photographer Frank A. Miller.

Ellicott City: A Timeline of Resilience

Since its founding in 1772, Ellicott City “has come in for an inordinate amount of disasters from floods, fires and railroad wrecks,”

Three people speak in a conference space, in professional attire, next to a photograph

CS3 leads research summit on community-based violence prevention in Baltimore

“We wanted to purposefully use this summit to convene as many researchers as possible to examine, discuss, and share expertise and data,” Mallinson says. “Our intent is increasing collaboration and resources beyond this room, between institutions and the community, to create tangible, applicable and responsive human- and community-centered research in violence prevention with and for Baltimore.”

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