Dr. Sanjit Karmakar ’12, Physics, in The Baltimore Sun

Published: Jul 18, 2012

Recent Ph.D. Sanjit Karmakar ’12, physics, was featured in an article published by The Baltimore Sun July 13th.

The focus of the article was on Karmakar’s work in “ghost imaging,” where a picture can be taken without actually “seeing” the object which is being photographed. The camera the physicist designed utilizes the light of the sun as the source for images, which are generated on a computer using mathematics associated with quantum physics. This process can be used to generate images of objects on other continents and planets without the distortion of traditional photography, according to the piece.

Speaking on the still-unknown aspects of the nature of light, Karmakar was quoted as saying that “[m]any people still don’t understand its true properties,” something which the odd-looking camera described as “look[ing] like a cross between an 1890s camera and a bulky steamer trunk” by reporter Jonathan Pitts is hoped by the physicist to address more on for his students, as well as his own work.


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