Congratulations, UMBC Class of 2016! Meet some of our exceptional graduates.

Published: May 11, 2016

(Katelyn Seale. Photo Marlayna Demond '11 for UMBC.)

As UMBC’s Class of 2016, nearly 2,000 strong, prepares to leave campus for graduate programs, fellowships, and career opportunities around the globe, we recognize their tremendous personal achievements and their invaluable contributions to our community.

Valedictorian Katelyn Seale ’16, biochemistry and molecular biology, will soon begin her M.D. at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Seale shares, “I know that I am equipped to succeed in a medical career because of these experiences at UMBC.” This includes not just her rigorous coursework and time in the lab, but also opportunities to connect in meaningful ways with diverse communities. She’s learned that life experiences can dramatically shape medical needs and doctor-patient relationships. “With every conversation and interaction, I have had the opportunity to learn something new about people,” says Seale.

Salutatorian Ashby Henningsen ’16, political science and global studies, thanks his fellow Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars for building up a shared commitment to personal growth and public service. Henningsen has combined intensive academic opportunities, including the Public Policy and International Affairs Junior Summer Institute at Princeton University, with experiential learning and service, such as volunteering with the Refugee Youth Project and with Advocates for Survivors of Torture and Trauma. Henningsen will work with the International Justice Mission in Washington, D.C., as he awaits a Peace Corps placement.

Meyerhoff Scholar Randi Williams ’16, computer engineering, also graduating summa cum laude, shares, “UMBC has groomed me into a leader which, as a shy and nerdy freshman, I never imagined that I could be… Mentors placed me in the position to speak before the world and lead other students in promoting diversity in technology.” During her undergraduate studies, Williams has completed internships at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, MIT Media Lab, and Jawbone, a wearable technology company. It was the experience at Jawbone, through the prestigious CODE2040 Silicon Valley fellowship program, that inspired Williams to co-organize the first HackUMBC event. With a particular interest in creating wearable technology for people with disabilities, Williams will complete a master’s degree at MIT, working with the Personal Robots Group of the MIT Media Lab.

Learn more about the Class of 2016 through 30 features on students from across the university: undergraduate and graduate students from all three UMBC colleges and the Erickson School. While many are heading to graduate degrees at schools like Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and the University of Maryland, others will begin positions at major government agencies and companies, like Amazon and Northrop Grumman, or forge their own path through international fellowships and start-ups.

Featured students include:
Sara “Cheli” Arussy ’16, chemical engineering
Michael Bishoff ’16, computer science
Kiante Brantley ’15 B.S. and ’16 M.S., computer science
Grace Choi ’16, mathematics and statistics
Arlene Cuanias ’16, psychology
Travis Dennis ’16, chemical engineering
Arti Deore Choudhary ’16, M.P.S., cybersecurity
Mark Fisher ’16, mechanical engineering
Essence Fredericks ’16, financial economics
John Fritz ’16, Ph.D., language literacy and culture
Kevin Heffner ’16 M.A., management of aging services
Ashby Henningsen ’16, political science, global studies
Anthony Jankoski ’16, English
Matthew Kelly ’16, modern languages, linguistics, and intercultural communication
Alexis “Ally” Kocerhan ’16, theatre, and gender and women’s studies
Brielle Levenberg ’16, acting, and modern languages and linguistics
James Loy ’16, physics, and mathematics and statistics
Gaurav Luthria ’16, bioinformatics
Hailey Lynch ’16, mathematics
Sayo McCowin ’16, biochemistry and molecular biology
Avanti Mehta ’16, anthropology
Vivek Moorthy ’16, financial economics and mathematics
Ganesh Mysore ’16, chemical engineering and political science
Sayre Posey ’16, history, education certificate
Markus Proctor ’16, interdisciplinary studies
Katelyn Seale ’16, biochemistry and molecular biology
Cheyenne Smith ’16, psychology and biological sciences
DeeAnn Spicer ’16, philosophy
Olivia Spicer ’16 Ph.D., marine, estuarine, and environmental sciences
Randi Williams ’16, computer engineering
Samuel Winnie ’16, music composition

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