Alumna Rachel Younghans ’12, Geography, in The Washington Post

Published: Sep 18, 2012

It’s the open road for the next few months for recent alumna Rachel Younghans ’12, geography, as she and her boyfriend, photographer Rob Brulinski, cross the country in search of “Only-in-America Americans” for their art-project/website Freak Flag America.

The couple were profiled by The Washington Post‘s Michael Rosenwald on September 17th, one day after they had set out on their cross-country trip. The two will travel to the Pacific and back in a Toyota Yaris packed with supplies ranging from a tent to rolls of film, from an American flag from Goodwill to a stuffed rat from IKEA which Brulinski plans to bug Younghans with.

Younghans spoke to Rosenwald of the importance of the project, saying, “We really feel a lot of responsibility, and we like our role as storytellers, as historians preserving folk stories.”

Adding that she is a fan of Aesop’s Fables and Grimms’ Fairy Tales, the alumna also detailed the vision behind the trip, which the couple hope to turn into a book on top of the blog posting which they plan to post to their site over the next four months

“Stories just retell themselves over and over throughout history,” Younghans said. “We are a creating a book that stands as part of that — stories based on true events that still hold the value of moral stories.”

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