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a man in a white dress shirt and a yellow tie stands at a lectern with a sign behind him that reads Congratulations Mr. Anderson. Derek Anderson was selected as Principal of the year for Maryland.

Putting the principles of education to work

There are some people who you meet, and it’s obvious: They’re natural leaders—seemingly born to the role. Derek Anderson ’03, interdisciplinary studies, is one of those people. He went right from UMBC to the front of the classroom as a teacher in the highly regarded Howard County Public School System, earning a master’s degree in school administration and supervision from Johns Hopkins University at the same time. But in talking with Anderson, it becomes apparent that he wasn’t born a leader—he became one. And he says UMBC was a big reason why he did.      After nearly a decade of classroom… Continue Reading Putting the principles of education to work

a man in a peach colored shirt and a hat plays a cabasa

Music Man

Devin Walker ’89, political science, is a man with a plan. And a cause and a vision and a passion. Oh, and a Grammy nomination. “Uncle Devin, the Children’s Drumcussionist,” as he’s known professionally, was nominated for a Grammy for Best Children’s Music Album in 2022 as a member of the 1 Tribe Collective, one of his many top-level endeavors that center around education, music, and young people. He’s the musical muscle and co-owner of The Uncle Devin Show, an interactive musical experience for children that uses percussion instruments to inspire both fun and critical thinking. Walker also runs a… Continue Reading Music Man

A man works with wires at a desk

From the Soil to the Stars, Internships Take Students’ Futures to the Next Level 

UMBC students are known for the strength of their diversity: not just in their personal backgrounds, but in the breadth of their academic interests and professional goals.  Accordingly, Retrievers’ summer 2022 internships spanned a vast array of subjects and disciplines, from history to mechanical engineering, and working in fields ranging from groundwater all the way up to outer space. The four UMBC students profiled below vividly embody this wide spectrum, but they all have two things in common. Each completed their internship before starting their junior year, and each has the same advice to new students: Visit the Career Center… Continue Reading From the Soil to the Stars, Internships Take Students’ Futures to the Next Level 

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