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Baltimore Dance Project

Proscenium Theatre

In two performances on February 10 and 11, Baltimore Dance Project returns to the stage for its annual appearance at UMBC's Proscenium Theatre. The company's visually stunning program features three premieres by company choreographers Shaness D. Kemp and Sandra Lacy, and two works by guest soloists Sarah J. Ewing and Ryan Bailey.

The Grown-Up

Proscenium Theatre

UMBC Theatre presents The Grown-Up by Jordan Harrison, directed by Joseph Ritsch. Ten year old Kai is given a magical crystal door-knob by his grandfather that enables him to travel through space and time to see future events in his life. As he moves through time, he realizes how quickly time escapes our grasp. Both poignant and zany, Pulitzer Prize finalist Jordan Harrison expands on the notion that life is too short to miss any moment of it.

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