Wild Card

a woman writes in a journal on a bench in a park

Journals help make sacred spaces

It makes sense that in a space on campus intentionally left green, wooded, and, well sacred, there would be someplace to sit, and under that bench there would be a notebook waiting for you, along with a writing implement. Your thoughts are the last ingredient for the moment. Since the founding of the Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park on the Knoll in the southwest corner of the Loop in 2001, UMBC community members have been writing in journals tucked under benches from Nature Sacred—an organization that hopes to promote a connection to nature through journaling and contemplation spaces throughout America. Sandra… Continue Reading Journals help make sacred spaces

Elle Kreiner sits and talks while Chicken, an amazon parrot, preens himself

Bird Brainiac

At UMBC, we welcome Retrievers of all stripes… and feathers. Spotted on campus recently enjoying student life is an 87-year-old yellow crowned amazon parrot named Chicken. Yes, you read that right, Chicken.  Elle Kreiner ’20, anthropology, a current master’s student in applied sociology, rescued the bird in 2017 after his long-term caretaker passed away and the family wasn’t able to keep him. Despite coming to campus to spread his wings (metaphorically—Chicken doesn’t enjoy flying), Kreiner doesn’t believe their parrot would make a great student, although he does speak three languages.  Prior to his time with Kreiner, Chicken lived in pre–World… Continue Reading Bird Brainiac

U Made the Best Choice

There are three things we find endlessly amusing: throwbacks to childhood, cutting things up, and attempting to predict the future. And there is one thing that magically combines it all: a paper prognosticator like the one we’ve specially fashioned below. We hope this will give you the chance both to joyfully create a fun thing to share with friends and family and choose your own UMBC adventure! Watch our how to video to refresh your memory and then cut, fold, and share the joy with your favorite #FutureRetriever!

Crossword Puzzle Genius (14 letters**)

When Andrew Beck ’21, individualized studies, was a kid playing his first Game Boy Advance puzzle platform game, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, he didn’t know that video game design was a career option. After his freshman year living with the Individualized Studies Living and Learning Community, Beck caught a glimpse of a future he could look forward to—creating immersive game experiences. Although Beck is drawing on computerized games for his capstone project, his affinity for sudoku and crossword puzzles has grown as his trivia knowledge has flourished at UMBC. Get out your pencil—or pen, if you’re really feeling confident—and give… Continue Reading Crossword Puzzle Genius (14 letters**)

Wild Card – Fall 2017

Henge After a sculpture titled, Forum, by Thomas Sayre Outside the glass wall That separates us From the cold and below, Covered with an icing Of melting snow, Are the half arches Formed of earth-colored stone Placed so no two can Connect, an almost row Of almost arches Among the broken gray Of stunted columns left As if to the wind on some acropolis; A henge whose shadows Rotate across the grass, Slant across squares of paving To remind us That time is told By the movement of suns, By melting ice, The shattered rock Of a ruined forum which… Continue Reading Wild Card – Fall 2017

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