social work


Game Changers

Learning and play can look a lot alike. Both call for creativity, curiosity, practice, and reflection. That’s why some Retrievers are combining the two.

Finding Joy in the Classroom

Theresa Bruce didn’t set out to be a teacher—she had her sights set on being a hot-shot lawyer. So how to explain her last decade as a city teacher?

Finish Line in Sight

Online classes have changed the game for a specific population—former students who paused their education are returning to complete their degrees.

Who Cares for the Caregivers?

Sarah Christa Butts ’07 is used to battling big societal problems. Now she’s working to make sure social workers are themselves are adequately protected.

UMBC honors social work students for commitment to social change

“You committed to academic excellence,” said Carolyn Tice, associate dean of social work at UMBC, “but you also demonstrated a commitment to community and overwhelming service to people—people who are often left behind.”

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