Headshot of a UMBC grad student who has a beard and wears glasses on campus.

Helping English language learners gain confidence through community

For Grant Clifton, teaching English effectively requires a combination of intensive technical training in English language instruction and a passion for building community. Clifton was a Peace Corps volunteer in Indonesia from 2017 to 2019, where he taught English to high school students. After returning to the U.S., Clifton continued his combined focus on learning and community impact through UMBC’s Shriver Peaceworker Fellows program. Continue Reading Helping English language learners gain confidence through community

Colorful bubbles and circular photos of various headshots

Connecting the Dots

For students pursuing experiential learning through internships, campus jobs, research, and community engagement, it’s not just about learning how to do the thing they want to do. It’s about connecting the work to the passions that brought them to UMBC in the first place. These students and alumni working in their chosen fields tell the whole picture—what hands-on learning looks like when it comes full circle. Continue Reading Connecting the Dots

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