Fall 2020

How to Throw a Hammer

It’s widely accepted that you need to practice a skill for 10,000 hours before becoming an expert. Andrew Haberman has a different number in mind—20,000 throws.

On Thin Ice

As scientists study how the Arctic affects and is affected by climate change, the work of Kurtz and others will fill in a crucial knowledge gap.

Meaningful Representation

Minner hopes the creation of an archive at UMBC will encourage more members of the Lumbee Tribe to dig into their past, while also finding pride in their present.

Welcoming Retrievers Back Home

UMBC Athletics announced their Letterwinners Club via a YouTube live stream this semester, connecting former UMBC student-athletes back to the University.

No Artist Stands Alone

In isolation during the pandemic, many of us are consuming or creating art and media, but we’re having to reinvent how to share that pleasure with others.

Chasing Antibodies

Kaitlyn Sadtler ’11 leads study to learn how many Americans have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2.

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