Students turn ideas into inventions at HackUMBC “tech innovation marathon”

Published: Mar 10, 2016

Students during HackUMBC 2016. (Photo by Marlayna Demond '11 for UMBC.)

More than 350 students joined in this year’s annual HackUMBC, a 24-hour “tech innovation marathon” where participants focus intensively on creating technical solutions to specific challenges. The slogan: “Dream big. Make it happen.”

Students worked individually and on teams to build projects, or “hacks,” which were judged on technical complexity, elegance, and creativity during an expo at the conclusion of the event.

“HackUMBC gives students the chance to work on the things that they are truly passionate about, and it really shows during the demos,” said Michael Bishoff ’16, computer science, co-president of HackUMBC.

A story on Baltimore highlights several student projects developed during the hackathan that solved different problems in unique, creative ways. One example is the app “Rart,” which guides job-seekers as they build resumes and helps them highlight skills that are most relevant to the position they are applying for. Another example is a voice-controlled coffee maker that wakes the user up with an alarm when their coffee is freshly brewed.

During the hackathon, participants were given opportunities to connect with mentors from industry, who were available to advise and encourage students as they developed their hacks. Industry experts also provided demonstrations and gave talks during the event.

Read the full article “5 innovative projects from HackUMBC” on Baltimore to learn more about HackUMBC 2016.

Image: Participants during HackUMBC. Photo by Marlayna Demond ’11 for UMBC.

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