Film/Discussion – Reflections on Indian Manhood (2/10)

Published: Jan 28, 2015

Join the Asian Studies Program for a viewing of Mardistan (Macholand): Reflections on Indian Manhood and discussion with Dr. Harjant Gill, a professor from Towson University. The film and discussion will be at the Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery from 4:00 p.m.- 5.30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 10, 2015.

Mardistan (Macholand) is an exploration of Indian manhood articulated through the voices of four men from different generations and backgrounds. A middle-aged writer trying to make sense of the physical and sexual abuse he witnessed studying in an elite military academy, a Sikh father of twin daughters resisting the pressure to produce a son, a young 20-year-old college student looking for a girlfriend with whom he can lose his
virginity, and a working-class gay activist coming out to his wife after twenty years of marriage. Together, their stories make up different dimensions of what
it means to be a man in India today. Mardistan (Macholand) starts a conversation on critical issues including patriarchy, son preference, sexual violence and homophobia in a nation increasingly defined by social inequalities.

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