Eugene Schaffer, Education, in the Catonsville Times

Published: Jul 24, 2012

Eugene Schaffer, professor and chair of education, spoke with the Catonsville Times for a story on the performance of the county’s middle school students on the Maryland School Assessment (MSA) tests.

With test scores on math showing a slight improvement and reading scores a slight decline, the results show an overall mixed record regarding students’ progress.

Schaffer said that subjects that used to be taught in high school are now taught in middle school, which might account for some of the decline. He also spoke of the difficulties facing many students during the middle school years. “It’s tough being in middle school because it’s a time of enormous growth, intellectually, physically,” he said. “Just growing up is an enormous challenge. You’re going through a lot of changes.”

The story, “Arbutus middle school students’ progress mixed on MSA test,” appeared on July 17.


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