David Rosenbloom Joins Ancient Studies Department

Published: Jul 19, 2012

The Ancient Studies Department is delighted to announce the arrival of Dr. David Rosenbloom as an Associate Professor of Ancient Studies.

Rosenbloom is a specialist in Athenian tragedy and comedy. His research in Greek tragedy resulted in a new edition of the Persians and a co-edited volume, _Greek Drama IV: Texts, Contexts, Performance_, as well as many articles for _Blackwell’s Encyclopedia of Greek Tragedy_. His next books will be the _Blackwell Companion to Euripides_ and __A City of Scoundrels: Culture and Hegemony in Classical Athens, among others.

Most recently, Rosenbloom has been a senior lecturer in the Classics Department at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, where his excellence in teaching was known. His outreach there to Classicists and non-Classicists alike demonstrate his own love of the disciplines that are taught in the Ancient Studies Department. He has also taught at Johns Hopkins and Princeton in the United States.

He and his family are particularly happy to be returning to the Baltimore area. He is excited to be coming to ANCS and UMBC at a time when the Humanities are receiving such great emphasis and to a department where Latin and Greek continue to be highly valued.


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