Caring for Communities

Published: Jul 3, 2003

Caring for Communities

Sipi Gupta’s summer plans begin at the Office of Homeless Services in Baltimore and then take her to a community health organization in West India.

At the Office of Homeless Services, Gupta will help evaluate the 2002-03 Code Blue Policy, which includes a first-time program to find shelter for the homeless when temperatures fall to a minimum number of degrees. Her internship is sponsored by the Abell Foundation. In India, Gupta will survey community needs, including access to water for the elderly, and vision care.

Gupta, who has been a volunteer coordinator at UMBC’s Shriver Center, received both her bachelor’s (2002) and master’s (2003) degrees in sociology from UMBC. She says the department’s strong emphasis on field research and faculty support has been extremely helpful to her academic career. “Faculty are really supportive — if you tell them what you want to do, they will help lead you in the right direction,” she says. Her master’s thesis, “Physician’s Attitudes Toward Managed Care,” won first prize in her discipline at UMBC’s Graduate Research Conference.

At a UMBC Social Science Forum last spring, she was inspired by Maryland Insurance Commissioner Steven Larson’s lecture on “The CareFirst Conversion.” “I think his job sounds awesome,” says Gupta, who is interested in issues of corporate accountability. She is now getting ready to take the LSATs and will be applying to law schools this summer.




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