Alumnus Ed Becker ’01, Biological Sciences, in Cape Gazette

Published: Jun 29, 2012

Cape Gazette, the newspaper which covers the Cape Region of Delaware, published an article written by alumnus and practicing orthopedic physician Ed Becker ’01, biological sciences, on June 24th.

The article, entitled “Tennis elbow: not just for tennis players,” is something of an ABC for the sporting ailment, ranging over such matters as symptoms, contributing factors, and finally offers a few recommendations to lessen the likelihood of tennis elbow occurring, and possible courses of action if it does.

“Always warm up before play,” wrote Becker, “and put all of [the] major joints through a complete range of motion. Lighter racquets and reduced string tension may help alleviate symptoms. Avoid motions that aggravate the problem and reduce wrist motion to a minimum. Any persistent symptoms or worsening pain should be evaluated by a physician.”

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