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UMBC Online Master’s in Information Systems

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The flexibility of our program provides the work-life balance you need to advance your career on a schedule that works best for you.

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Our interdisciplinary professional program attracts students from an array of undergraduate and professional backgrounds.

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We specialize in the high-demand and high-earning fields of Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Data Science and User Experience Design.

Choose from four specialized tracks in high-demand fields to get the skills and career you want:

Artificial Intelligence

Expand your knowledge in this booming field and gain the tools that can immediately transform to the workplace. Develop advanced AI skills 100% online and help build a more advanced future.


Help secure our connected world by mastering the contemporary skills needed to detect, respond to, and prevent cyber attacks.

Data Science

Elevate your career by developing the technical and analytical skills you need in today’s data-driven world. Learn how to make trustworthy predictions that move organizations forward.

User Experience

UX Design is quickly becoming one of today’s most coveted careers. Our program approaches UX through human-centered design, the practice of placing users and how they interact with technologies as the focus of the work.


Do you want to learn a specific skill set and not commit to a full masters? Do you want to advance your career in less time and focus on a single area? Are you on a budget but would still like to gain a critical understanding of AI, Cybersecurity, Data Science and UX? Then our certificate program is perfect for you. 

Chris Fortney

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“I chose UMBC because I was looking for an excellent program that could help me expand my knowledge base and skillset. I’m interested in the cross section of technology, research, and design, and I think that the Online MS program at UMBC has provided me with new tools to enhance the multidisciplinary approach that I take in my work and career.”

Read how Chris intersects technology, research, and design at the National Human Genome Research Institute.

Shawanda Littlejohn, M.S. ’23

Portrait of Shawanda

“The online program was a perfect fit for my busy schedule. It’s flexible and has 24 hour access to Blackboard. I pursued the data science track because it is very versatile, being used in healthcare, business, finance, and education.”

Read how Shawanda found her passion for data during the pandemic.

Chuck Miller ’11, M.S. ’23

Portrait of Chuck Miller

“With attending this online program, I was able to focus better, study harder, and put more hours in. I cannot think of a better option for would-be tech professionals that are too busy to attend class in person.”

Read how Chuck transitioned from a musical career to being a cybersecurity expert.

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There will be 530,000 new technology sector jobs added in the next ten years with an average salary of $91,250 waiting for you.

*Dept. of Labor

A majority of our Online MS students receive job offers before they even graduate.

Our program gives you the skills needed to fulfill jobs like these:

• Software Engineer
• Information Security Analyst
• UX Designer, Web Developer
• Artificial Intelligence Engineer
• Cybersecurity Engineer

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Gain a competitive edge and enhance your career.


Summer 2024
Summer Dates: May 28 – Aug 16

Fall 2024
Application Deadline: Aug 15
Fall Dates: Aug 28 – Dec 19

Spring 2025
Application Deadline: Jan 15
Spring Dates: Jan 27 – May 21

Program Summary

Credit Hours: 30 or 34
Tuition Rate: $934 per credit
Avg Length: 2.5 years (part-time)
Start Dates: Fall, Spring, Summer

Financial Aid

Priority for FAFSA: Feb 14

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Claim your future with UMBC’s Online Master’s in Information Systems

Application Deadlines
Spring: January 15
Summer: May 15

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U.S. News ranks UMBC’s online master’s in information systems among best in the nation

UMBC’s online master’s degree in information systems has been recognized as #41 on the national list of 2023 Best Online Master’s in Information Technology Programs. 

The U.S. News rankings evaluate programs based on qualities such as strong faculty credentials, a good reputation among peer institutions, and the opportunity for students to use diverse online learning tools and engage with their instructors and classmates.

US News Most Innovative 2024
US News National Public Universities 2024

UMBC Online Master’s in Information Systems

Our Vision is to expand our role as global leaders at the intersection of information, technology, and people, by promoting inclusive student-centered teaching, reimagining life-long learning, advancing innovative interdisciplinary research, and championing civic engagement.

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