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a student sits in her wheelchair outside

Connecting face-to-face: Valedictorian prioritizes supporting one another

“One of the things I’m most appreciative of is the inclusive and diverse campus of UMBC,” says Shahreen Zannat ’22. “This means a great deal to me because I often find myself to be a little isolated in group settings due to my disability. But not only are the faculty extremely accommodating, but students go out of their way to support me.”

a student in a red shirt and black jacket stands outside

First-gen engineering grad is energized by helping others

Diane Stonestreet ’22, mechanical engineering, shares, “my time at UMBC has given me the space to better understand and take ownership of my journey as a first-gen student. I’ve become confident in myself, and aware that I do deserve the opportunities that come my way.”

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Data science grad finds unique way to pursue passion for sport

Chetan Desai, M.P.S. ’22, data science, came to UMBC from India in Spring 2021, overcoming the barriers of international travel during the pandemic, with a unique goal in mind. He wanted to combine his skills in data science with his passion for sport. 

A student in a white jacket stands outside

Challenging the status quo and inspiring young women in tech

As a Cybersecurity and Center for Women in Technology Scholar from São Paulo, Brazil, Priscila de Almeida Feitosa ’22, computer science, found like-minded classmates at UMBC—students who wanted to change the status quo of representation in technology fields. 

Lucky in Love

Two alumni celebrate their St. Patrick’s Day meet-cute at UMBC that turned into a 53-year romance.

Get Your Steps in with Dr. Hrabowski

As often as possible, President Freeman Hrabowski will take a lap around the campus that has shaped him as much as he’s shaped it.

Reframing the Question

These Individualized Study instructors eagerly invite the students into the mystery and wonder of the world with reverence—and a healthy dose of skepticism.  

Our 2021 UMBC Alumni Awardees. L-R: Dr. Michael Summers, Deep Patel '19, Michael Berardi '19, Tewodross Melchishua Williams, M.F.A. '00, Dr. Michael Hassett, M.P.P. '17, Ph.D. '19, Dr. Kaitlyn Sadtler '11, Freeman Hrabowski, Sean Pang '04, M.A. '11, Dr. Kate Tracy, M.A. '01, Ph.D. '03, Dr. Scott Banta '97, Dr. Letitia Dzirasa '03, M11, Theresa Bruce '09, and UMBC Alumni Association President Brian Frazee '11, M.P.P. '12. Not pictured: Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett '08, M16, and Christine Osazuwa '11. Photo by Marlayna Demond '11.

The Alumni Awards Return

UMBC is excited to announce the 32nd annual Alumni Awards. While the in-person ceremony may be smaller than past years, we are celebrating more alumni than ever.

Living Her Values

One of Kate Tracy’s longest-standing and most important descriptors is “Maxine Tracy in a different form,” laughs Tracy. “A feistier version of my grandmother.” She’s honoring Maxine with an endowment in her name to UMBC’s Women’s Center.

The Hospitality of UMBC’s Student Clubs

As a new semester gets underway dozens student organizations readily welcome Retrievers who may not assume that the club is for them.

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