Social Media at UMBC

UMBC has embraced social media, creating and maintaining over 100 vibrant accounts on Facebook, Twitter and beyond. These tools help us stay connected to one another, share news about our talented students and faculty, and reach off-campus audiences, such as prospective students, alumni and media.

The Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) supports this online community by providing educational resources and advice to social media users and administrators across campus. OIA staff manage many of UMBC’s central social media accounts, while others are run by individual colleges, departments, faculty, staff and students.

If you’re thinking about creating a new UMBC-affiliated social media account or refreshing an existing one, contact us so we can help you get started. We can discuss how to access helpful resources and peer support, where your work fits within UMBC’s social media landscape and how to generate interest in your own social media communications by connecting with existing channels.

Just as social media is full of promise, it is also full of potential pitfalls. To support UMBC’s new and seasoned social media users, we have assembled best practice guidelines, informed by respected sources (including universities such as MIT, Carnegie Mellon and DePaul) and tailored to fit the needs of the UMBC community. These guidelines can help you use social media effectively to reach your communications goals while following university policies (such as the Code of Student Conduct, Faculty Handbook and Staff Handbook) and protecting your personal and professional reputation.

These resources are updated as social media evolves. Please send suggestions for changes and additions to OIA Communications Manager Dinah Winnick at


Getting Started with Social Media

Best Practice Guidelines

Terms and Permissions

Responding to Negative Online Comments (coming soon)

UMBC Social Media Directory (coming soon)