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UMBC Collegium Musicum

The Music Box

The Department of Music presents the UMBC Collegium Musicum under the direction of Lindsay Johnson. The UMBC Collegium Musicum explores and performs vocal and instrumental music from Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods, sampling musical repertoires created between 800 and 1750.

UMBC Gamelan Ensemble

The Music Box

The Department of Music presents the UMBC Gamelan Ensemble under the direction of Michelle Purdy. The ensemble performs on a central Javanese gamelan (a gong-chime orchestra of Indonesia), and also on a Balinese gamelan angklung (one of many types of gong-chime orchestras from the island of Bali, Indonesia).

UMBC Faculty Jazz Ensemble

The Music Box

The Department of Music presents the UMBC Jazz Faculty Ensemble, featuring trumpeter Brent Madsen, saxophonist Matt Belzer, guitarist Tom Lagana, pianist Harry Appelman, bassist Tom Baldwin, and drummer Mark Merella. The ensemble will perform modern interpretations of classic and recent jazz compositions.

Animania: Joanna Priestley

The Music Box

Join us for a retrospective screening of Joanna Priestley’s award winning short animated films with introductions and explanations of techniques by the artist. Priestley’s work maintains a high level of porosity between serious exploration of boundaries and intuitive whimsy, and she is dedicated to experimentation in technique, theme, and content.

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