UMBC’s Hilltop Institute in The Baltimore Sun

Published: Jan 22, 2014

An article published January 19 in The Baltimore Sun examines the impact of the Affordable Care Act as Marylanders gain health insurance coverage, but points to how many are switching from existing policies.

The article, titled “Consumers trading up for better, cheaper health insurance” states that while many people who already have health insurance are trading up for better policies, the number of uninsured might not decrease greatly.

UMBC’s Hilltop Institute is mentioned in the article when referencing a past study that was conducted before the Affordable Care Act was launched: “The Hilltop Institute at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County estimated before the health law launched that by 2020 about 6.3 percent of the state’s population would remain uninsured, down from just over 10 percent in 2014.”

The Hilltop Institute is also referenced in the article when looking into the issue of people bouncing in and out of health coverage when they are self-employed or lose or change jobs: “Hilltop, for example, found among Medicaid beneficiaries in Maryland in 2011 that about 20 percent were new to the program and 13 percent lost eligibility.”

You can read the full article in The Baltimore Sun here.

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