VCU’s Qin Wang Speaks at Stat Colloquium (10/26)

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics hosts Dr. Qin Wang of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) for its Fall 2012 Statistics Colloquium this Friday, October 26, from 11am to 12pm in Room 401 of the Mathematic and Psychology (MP) building. Dr. Wang’s contribution for this week is entitled “A general SDR approach via Hellinger integral of order two.” It deals with the concept of sufficient dimension reduction (SDR), which according to the abstract is “a useful tool to study the dependence between a response and a multidimensional predictor.” The focus will be on a new approach to SDR called the Hellinger Integral of… Continue Reading VCU’s Qin Wang Speaks at Stat Colloquium (10/26)

Two Professors Discuss Collaboration in The Chronicle of Higher Education

In fall 2011, Michele Osherow, associate professor of English, and Manil Suri, professor of mathematics, collaborated to jointly teach a freshman seminar, “Mathematics and What It Means to be Human,” in which they explored the connections between the two disciplines. They are discussing their collaboration, and its challenges, in a three-part series on The Chronicle of Higher Education. In the first part of the series, the two discuss what led them to teach the class, and their experiences in planning it. “Ever since the word problems my father forced on us at dinner, I’ve always been terrified of math,” Osherow… Continue Reading Two Professors Discuss Collaboration in The Chronicle of Higher Education

Can You Solve President Hrabowski’s Favorite Math Problem?

The Imaging Research Center (IRC) recently filmed several faculty as they attempted to solve President Hrabowski’s favorite math problem. As told to Nagaraj Neerchal and Manil Suri, mathematics and statistics, and Anne Spence, mechanical engineering, the problem is as follows: 29 children are in a class. 20 have dogs. 15 have cats. How many have both a dog and a cat? Watch the video below to see the various methods and strategies used by the professors to answer the problem. [vimeo 45245451 w=500 h=281] UMBC Professors Solve F. Hrabowski’s Favorite Math Problem from ircumbc on Vimeo.

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