Fall 2018

Fanzines from UMBC's Special Collections

How To Become a Fanzine Fan

Lucky for us, UMBC’s Special Collections has an out of this world selection of fanzine treasures!

Moments of Truth

We’ve all had these moments. Moments of wondering aloud. Moments of principled argument over sandwiches in The Commons. Moments of listening and believing as someone’s personal truth unfolds before you. Moments of examining our ideals and acting upon them.

Highly magnified organisms collected and photographed at UMBC by Tagide deCarvalho.

Tiny Beautiful Things

Beneath the black and gold, and far beyond what might immediately catch your eye, lies a world of wonder. You just need to know where — and how — to look.

A Matter of Trust

Driven in her work by memories of her grandmother, Dr. Tabassum Majid, M18, ’10, M.A. ’18, has made a career of education and research related to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Moving the Needle

Moving the Needle

With their hearts in the work and their ears to the ground, the people behind some of UMBC’s longest-standing homegrown programs are solving big societal problems. But the work is never done.

Coach Bethann Ord, courtesy of Casey Staff, Binghamton University.

Friendly Competition

When alumni athletes come back to coach against their alma mater, it’s a mix of pride and competition.

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