Fall 2018

Windows to the Past

When Scott Casper, dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, was asked to lend his expertise in 19th-century U.S. history to help understand a unique artifact found during the Walters Art Museum renovation of the 1850s mansion at 1 West Mount Vernon Place (known to many as the Hackerman House), he was intrigued.  The item in question was a letter dated December 6,1861, and written by Sybby Grant, a highly skilled cook enslaved at the house, to her owner John Hanson Thomas. Casper joined the exhibition’s academic advisory committee – including experts from Morgan State University, Maryland… Continue Reading Windows to the Past

Moments of Truth

We’ve all had these moments. Moments of wondering aloud. Moments of principled argument over sandwiches in The Commons. Moments of listening and believing as someone’s personal truth unfolds before you. Moments of examining our ideals and acting upon them. Continue Reading Moments of Truth

A Matter of Trust

Driven in her work by memories of her grandmother, Dr. Tabassum Majid, M18, ’10, M.A. ’18, has made a career of education and research related to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Continue Reading A Matter of Trust

Start at UMBC & Go Everywhere

by Catalina Sofia Dansberger Duque UMBC may be nestled in the small town of Catonsville, but over the years the university has become a crossroads of international research, civic engagement, and a welcome center to anyone pursuing the life of a global citizen. But, what makes UMBC such an international campus? The famous flags in The Commons? The answer is much deeper than that. It’s a commitment to envisioning an inclusive path dependent on intercultural collaboration that has created a thriving world of possibilities through which to engage in all the world has to offer. UMBC’s windows-to-the-world philosophy has caught… Continue Reading Start at UMBC & Go Everywhere

Moving the Needle

Moving the Needle

With their hearts in the work and their ears to the ground, the people behind some of UMBC’s longest-standing homegrown programs are solving big societal problems. But the work is never done. Continue Reading Moving the Needle

Emilie Llenado

Finding Your Niche – Emilie Llenado M.P.S. ’12

When Emilie Llenado, M.P.S. ’12, professional studies, first moved to Maryland from Kansas City, Missouri, she didn’t know a soul,  and was working as a server at Longhorn Steakhouse. But, she was hopeful, and she knew she wanted to do great things, so she enrolled in UMBC at the Shady Grove campus. Four years later in 2012, she graduated from the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program with life-long friends, and a new job at Freddie Mac. “When I first moved to Maryland, I didn’t know anyone. I came right out of my undergraduate degree. I didn’t know what it would take to succeed at… Continue Reading Finding Your Niche – Emilie Llenado M.P.S. ’12

Big Screen Dreams – Erick Chavarria ’05, theatre

As a small boy, Erick Chavarria lived with his grandparents in Guatemala in the village of Loma de Chavarria (“village of Chavarria”), where everyone had the same last name. At the time, there were only dirt roads. “Everyone — and I mean everyone — was dirt poor. My grandparents’ house was made of mud,” he recalls. Life changed when he was six years old, and the village got running water and electricity. Sometime shortly after, his grandparents got the first television in town. Nearly the entire village would show up at his home during the day to watch Mexican soap… Continue Reading Big Screen Dreams – Erick Chavarria ’05, theatre

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