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First-Year Retrievers Buck the Trend

Super seniors and graduate students are dominating most NCAA rosters, but at UMBC, many first-year Retrievers are contributing to their teams’ success. 

Retriever Nation Meets Bachelor Nation

The UMBC magazine interviews Justin Glaze, a UMBC alum and runner-up on the Bachelorette in a behind-the-scenes look at Bachelor Nation.

Passing the Baton

The UMBC Symphony has provided a home to students and community members alike. As the long time director retires, musicians look back on the past five decades of the symphony.

An Unprecedented Season

Despite competing in a pandemic, student-athletes rose to the occasion and added several new chapters to UMBC record books this year.

Musical Roots

Wye Oak recorded their first albums using student resources available on campus. Since their days in Fine Arts, the band has found international acclaim.

Goals Achieved

UMBC women’s lacrosse coach Amy Slade is inducted into the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

Coffee and Community

These alumni entrepreneurs brought their class project to life in Arbutus. Despite the disruption of COVID-19, the coffee shop continues to pursue a community-focused operation.

Podcast Fever

Want to start a podcast? For these three Retriever-produced podcasts, conversations with a good friend (or a sister!) got their projects off the ground.

A World of Opportunity

Men’s Basketball players are getting to fulfill their dreams—playing professional basketball abroad.

The Driving Force of Chemistry

Think of your second-grade volcano project, but the baking soda and vinegar “eruption” is happening inside an enclosed vessel, propelling the car forward down a track. 

Coaching Connections

New UMBC women’s basketball coach Johnetta Hayes hopes to create change within her team—but not only on the basketball court.

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