Joan Korenman, English, on ABC

Published: Oct 17, 2011

Tweens, teens, and kids of all ages are “plugged in,” and parents are always looking for ways to make sure their time on the internet is safe and productive.

ABC reports that Joan Korenman, professor emerita of English, is helping parents achieve that goal: she created a page on UMBC’s web site that holds a host of links to “websites for girls.” 

Korenman is also the founding director of UMBC’s gender and women’s studies program and CWIT.  She moderates WMST-L, one of the longest running online academic discussion lists, and she started work on the “websites for girls” while directing CWIT. Her UMBC web page provides additional resources on gender issues and resources in women’s studies.

The story, “Looking for websites to encourage and challenge your tween or teen? Here are 5 places to start” appeared on the ABC website on October 12.


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