Three individuals in regalia stand behind of a display of flowers and in front of the UMBC seal

Inauguration Highlights

President Sheares Ashby greets students at the campus celebration after the investiture.

Surrounded by lush displays of Maryland’s black and gold flower, black-eyed Susans, and state and campus leaders at her investiture ceremony, President Valerie Sheares Ashby made a promise to the campus community and beyond.

“We look at our students as if we are looking at our own children. And so, I say to you, students: By our words and through our actions, we want you to feel that you belong and know that you are welcomed.”

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UMBC celebrated the inauguration of president Valerie Sheares Ashby with a week of events in April 2023.

The Inauguration of Valerie Sheares Ashby/center>
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