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Orientation for All New Students

Orientation programs are offered online asynchronously for graduate students entering UMBC. Admitted students can access orientation through Blackboard.

1. Sign into your UMBC Blackboard account. (This will have the same credentials as your myUMBC account so make sure you have that set up first.)

2. Select “Organizations” on the left-hand side of the Blackboard dashboard.

3. Select “Organization Catalog” in the upper right-hand corner of the Organization page to search organizations in our Blackboard system.

4. Type “Graduate School Orientation” into the search bar and click “Go.”

5. Select the downward arrow next to the Organization ID and click “Enroll.” When prompted, use the access code GRADORIENTATION.

6. From the self-enrollment page, click “Submit” to enroll in the organization.

7. Navigate back to the Blackboard Organization page, and click “Graduate School Orientation.”

8. Click the “Content” tab on the left-hand side of the screen, then click “Graduate School Orientation” once again. You’re in!

International Students

The International Student and Scholar Service also sponsors a separate orientation specifically for new international students.

Departmental Orientations

Please contact your department directly to learn if they are hosting a program-specific orientation.

Shady Grove Students

Shady Grove students will receive information on orientation in Rockville.

Have questions regarding UMBC-Shady Grove orientations? Please email:

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