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SPARK 6: Exhibition Reception

The Peale 225 Holliday StBaltimore, MD, United States

Enjoy the works of more than 20 artists from UMBC and Towson University at the exhibition reception for SPARK 6: Refractions, sponsored by PNC Bank and on display at The Peale in downtown Baltimore.

SPARK 6: Wavefront

The Peale 225 Holliday StBaltimore, MD, United States

A special addition to the SPARK 6: Refractions exhibition — Wavefront — features the work of Towson University and UMBC students and alumni Allanis Silva, Audrey Le Ballentine, Audrey Mba, Ayanna Phillips, Gabrielle Moore, Kellan Marriot, Kristen Landsman, Michael Elias Rubinstein, Susie Park, and more artists to be announced.

SPARK 6: Imaging The Peale’s Biomes

The Peale 225 Holliday StBaltimore, MD, United States

Join artist Stephen Bradley for Imaging the Peale's Biomes, as part of the exhibition SPARK 6: Refractions. Participants will explore the environment through BioBuggy, a mobile art and science laboratory on wheels designed and envisioned by media artist Stephen Bradley and scientist Eric Schott.

SPARK 6: Inside the Room

The Peale 225 Holliday StBaltimore, MD, United States

As part of the exhibition SPARK 6: Refractions, Anna Kroll and Chloë Engel present Inside the Room, featuring “The Space is a Body and You Are In It,” a collaborative world-building (and world-falling apart) game. Developed during the early days of the pandemic when dancing together only became possible through speech, the game engages bodily awareness, the (im)possibility of a shared imagination, and coping with inevitable disaster. In this intimate performance, audience members are invited to watch Kroll and Engel play the game, building an imaginary space and watching it fall apart.

SPARK 6: Refractions

The Peale 225 Holliday StBaltimore, MD, United States

Spark 6: Refractions features the work of UMBC and Towson faculty, recent graduates, and current students in the historic galleries of The Peale in Baltimore City, sponsored by PNC. Refraction is the change in direction of a wave as it passes from one transparent substance into another — a phenomenon most commonly observed when light waves pass through lenses, magnifying glasses, and prisms. Each of the artists in this exhibition serves as an apparatus of refraction: focusing, magnifying, or redirecting our attention and experience of our world.

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