A laptop, a coffee cup, and glasses sit on top of a round wooden table. The hands of a person are hovering over the keyboard. One of the hands is holding a cell phone.

UMBC offers a national model for cyber workforce development, says new report

A recent Business-Higher Education Forum report calls Maryland the “epicenter of national cybersecurity.” It found that the University System of Maryland (USM) has made great progress in increasing the number of students who earn degrees in cyber-related fields, and that programs like those at UMBC can help meet growing demand for cybersecurity professionals.

Bryan Vanek, president of national champion Cyber Dawgs team, heads to computer security career

“Thanks to  the great friends that I made in the Cyber Dawgs, the professors that continually showed a vested and fervent interest in my success, and the networking skills and community of peers that I gained through the CWIT/T-SITE program, my skill base and craving to be successful in the field of computer security has never been higher,” says Vanek.

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