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Only about 1 in 5 engineering degrees go to women

Despite various efforts to encourage more women to study STEM fields in college, the percentage of engineering bachelor’s degrees earned by women in the United States hasn’t increased much in the 21st century. Specifically, it has risen from 18% in 1998 to 22% in 2018, writes Danyelle Ireland, associate director of the Center for Women in Technology at UMBC.

Two people dresses in suits shake hands.

Trump-endorsed candidates would generally win even without his support – and that’s usually the case with all political endorsements

“As a political scientist who studies voting and public opinion, I have my doubts about the true power of Trump’s endorsements,” says Ian Anson, assistant professor of political science at UMBC. “Instead, it is more likely that most of the candidates Trump has chosen to endorse were already on track to win their respective races.”

Biden on Taiwan: Did he really commit US forces to stopping any invasion by China? An expert explains why, on balance, probably not

The White House has been left scrambling a little after President Joe Biden suggested on May 23, 2022, that the U.S. would intervene militarily should China attempt an invasion of Taiwan. Meredith Oyen, history and Asian studies, helps explain the background to Biden’s comments and untangles what should be read into his remarks – and what shouldn’t.


The Martinican bèlè dance – a celebration of land, spirit and liberation

Camee Maddox-Wingfield, sociology, anthropology, and public health, first encountered bèlè as a graduate student in anthropology, conducting fieldwork in Martinique. As a former dancer, Maddox-Wingfield was drawn to how bèlè drummers, dancers, and singers experience spiritual and cultural freedom.

Battles Over Book Bans Reflect Conflicts from the 1980s

Fred Pincus, emeritus professor of sociology, shares the similarities between historical and contemporary opposition to teaching books about race, racism, gender, and sexuality in U.S. schools.

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