Lindsey Loeper

The Surveyor of the Stacks: Lindsey Loeper '04, AmSt

Lindsey Loeper ’04, American studies, acknowledges the futility of trying to keep pace with the hands of the watch and the rapidly turning pages of the calendar. No matter how quickly she and other members of the Special Collections team archive the stacks of UMBC documents they receive every day, there are always more coming. History never stops happening at a university that’s still building its story. “We’re often asked when we’ll have everything digitized and we never will,” smiles Loeper, who earned her master’s of library sciences at College Park. “Instead, we try to create an online record that… Continue Reading The Surveyor of the Stacks: Lindsey Loeper '04, AmSt

Video: Cool Jobs – Archivist

From UMBC Magazine Winter 2012, The Coolest Jobs You Never Knew Existed at UMBC, featuring archivist Lindsey Loeper ’04. Video by Gavin St. Ours.

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