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Roundup: UMBC in the News

One of the things that makes UMBC great is how wonderful our alumni, students, faculty, and staff are. Because of these amazing people, UMBC often finds itself “in the news,” so each week, we’ll be sharing with you a round-up of the most newsworthy achievements from our community. Dr. Hrabowski appeared on Comcast Newsmakers to stress the importance of inclusiveness in STEM fields. Erle Ellis, geography and environmental systems, told The Guardian that all human activity, even our conservation efforts, has an impact on how species evolve. Thomas Schaller, political science, discussed the Republican party’s shift towards the right in… Continue Reading Roundup: UMBC in the News

Windfall Prophets

UMBC is at the center of Maryland’s growing  efforts to harness the energy of the wind. Ocean City is the Maryland destination most associated with the summer. But some- day the resort may also be known for a nearby wind farm that could help the state put a dent in its greenhouse gas emissions and the rising costs of generating power. Both this summer and last summer, UMBC scientists, using a remote sensing technology called LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), have been helping the state of Maryland in wind resource assessment efforts to develop the state’s wind energy farms in… Continue Reading Windfall Prophets

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