alumni essay

Building a Better Baltimore—Together

As deputy director of communication for Baltimore’s Mayor Scott, Stefanie Mavronis ’12 channels her hometown pride to connect with the city in a equitable way.

Finding Joy in the Classroom

Theresa Bruce didn’t set out to be a teacher—she had her sights set on being a hot-shot lawyer. So how to explain her last decade as a city teacher?

Treasured Moments

After more than a decade of service to UMBC, John Becker thinks back to some of the moments—and the people of our community—that have meant the most to him.

Steve Chu and Ephrem Abebe take a moment to pause in their Fells Point storefront.

Creating Community Through Food

Steve Chu, co-owner of Ekiben along with two other UMBC alumni, shares how the store owes its origins to UMBC and Baltimore City, and why these Retriever chefs care so much about the communities they serve.

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