1966 Society

A man with long gray hair and matching beard and glasses waves. He was a philosophy major at UMBC.

Meet a Retriever — Rev. Bob Hall ’74, philosophy

Meet Rev. Bob Hall ’74, philosophy, president of the Christian Council of Delmarva and a planned gift donor to UMBC. Through his work, Rev. Hall is able to combine the strengths of traditional churches to address needs in his community — and he says he got the grounding he needed for this work as a student at UMBC. We can’t wait to hear about who inspired him most. Take it away, Bob! Q: What’s one essential thing you’d want the Retriever community to know about you? A: I am a clergyperson who has worked in the faith-based non-profit sector for most… Continue Reading Meet a Retriever — Rev. Bob Hall ’74, philosophy

Celebrating True Commitment with The 1966 Society

UMBC honored members of The 1966 Society on September 19 — the 45th anniversary of the university’s opening day in 1966 — at a dinner hosted by president Freeman A. Hrabowski III celebrating the commitment they’ve made to UMBC’s future through planned giving. The group met in the Albin O. Kuhn Library and enjoyed a “7th Floor Tour of UMBC,” along with dinner with Dr. Hrabowski and the chance to share memories of their time at UMBC. “I love that they continue to engage with students,” said Kimberly Robinson, director of campaigns and donor relations. “The stories they told are so… Continue Reading Celebrating True Commitment with The 1966 Society

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