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Living-Learning Communities at UMBC

Living and learning programs at UMBC connect students with a shared interest in culture, academics, or community service. Living Learning Communities (LLC) are programs that involve undergraduate students who live together in a residential community and participate in academic and extracurricular programming especially designed for them.  Living learning programs are sponsored by academic departments and programs and are housed in the residential community.

Benefits of Living-Learning Communities:

  • Students involved in an LLC at UMBC self-reported:
    • They were more satisfied with their overall academic experience on campus than students not involved in an LLC.*
    • They were more engaged and involved on campus than students not involved in an LLC.*
    • They interacted with more university faculty and staff members than students not involved in an LLC.*
    • They had a greater understand of diversity and multiculturalism than students not involved in an LLC.*

General Questions about Living-Learning Communities can be directed to Jim Hague, Student Success Coordinator at 410-455-5571 or

Center for Women in Technology Living-Learning Community (CWIT)
The CWIT Living-Learning Community (LLC) provides opportunities for women and supportive men majoring in an IT or engineering (ITE) discipline to bond with other students in the same field and create lasting support networks. The CWIT LLC promotes academic excellence, peer mentoring, career exploration, leadership opportunities and social support for students in ITE, with a special emphasis on the needs of women who may feel isolated due to their low enrollment in such majors nationwide. Students in the CWIT LLC participate in a first-year experience course, study groups, ITE career exploration and professional development workshops, and fun social events with other students in the CWIT community. Due to limited space, freshman CWIT Scholars are given priority; however, all students interested in IT and engineering disciplines are encouraged to apply. The CWIT LLC is open to both women and men.

For more information visit or contact Crystal Diaz at 410-455-8076 or

Discovery Scholars Living-Learning Community back to top
The DS LLC provides new students the opportunity to discover their true academic passion at UMBC.  Residents live, learn, and grow with fellow students, peer mentors, and professional advisors.  Students that are undecided about their major are especially encouraged to apply. As members of the Discovery Scholars Living-Learning Community (LLC) students explore and select the appropriate major and future career that is best suited for their talents and interests. Students have the opportunity to live alongside others who are also exploring different majors and this group will study and learn together while they discover their path at UMBC. In addition to living together, participants have the opportunity to connect with faculty and staff across campus to help ease their academic and social adjustment to college life.
Students are selected to participate in the Discovery Scholars LLC based on their proven academic abilities and diverse interests. Members of this community must enroll in a First Year Seminar (FYS) which will cover a specialized topic as well as transitional skills. Students receive individual attention from the Office of Undergraduate Education and are assigned a professional advisor from the Office of Academic and Pre-Professional Advising to aid them in the successful completion of their first year.

For more information visit or contact Laila Shishineh (410-455-3737 or or Jill Randles (410-455-3715 or

Honors College Living-Learning Community back to top
The Honors College Living-Learning Community offers the opportunity for members of the Honors College to continue their collaborative learning experiences in a relaxed, residential setting. Students are able to pursue a range of academic and social activities with other members of the Honors College community. At the same time, they will develop strong friendships through common goals, classes, conversation and fun.

For more information visit or contact Mito Espinoza at 410-455-3720 or

Humanities Living Learning Community back to top
The Humanities Living Learning Community is known to offer some of the best conversation on campus, and offers students interested in the humanities the opportunity to share their passion for culture, language, history, philosophy and literature with other students in the community. This LLC provides opportunities to attend lectures, performances and museums in the Baltimore and Washington, DC area, faculty talks and film discussions. Students majoring/minoring in Africana studies, American studies, ancient studies, Asian studies, cultural anthropology, English, gender and women's studies, history, interdisciplinary studies, media and communication studies, modern languages and linguistics, and philosophy often take part in this community, but students from all departments are encouraged to apply. A variety of perspectives is welcome. Accepting residence on the floor indicates your willingness to attend at least four humanities forum events throughout the year, as well as to contributing to the organization of and participation in other floor activities.

For more information contact Ana Oskoz at (410)-455-8087 or

Intercultural Living Exchange (ILE) back to top
The ILE is a for-credit language immersion and intercultural communication program that offers one credit per semester for completion of ILE activities. Participating students interact with international student mentors (native speakers of Chinese, French, Korean, and Spanish), who organize cultural and social activities, including holiday celebrations, movie nights, international potlucks and excursions to plays, museums and festivals. ILE students earn additional academic credits (up to three academic credits) by completing a service-learning course/project related to their target language and culture.

For more information visit or contact Fontella Bateman at 410-455-2109 or

Interdisciplinary Studies Living-Learning Community back to top
The Interdisciplinary Studies (INDS) LLC offers an opportunity for students engaged in interdisciplinary undergraduate degrees to strengthen and enrich their undergraduate experience by connecting with each other and engaging in projects and community building activities inside and outside the classroom. While INDS majors will be given priority, we welcome students engaged in other interdisciplinary degrees who would like to develop a broader context for their studies: all interested students are encouraged to apply.

For more information contact Stephen Freeland at 410-455-2024 or

Shriver Living-Learning Center (SLLC) back to top
Live, Learn, and Serve! The SLLC is an active and social living community in Erickson Hall. SLLC is coordinated by the Service-Learning Program at The Shriver Center, UMBC's center for applied learning experiences. The purpose of SLLC is to explore civic engagement with a strong emphasis on relationship-building, leadership, and advocacy. Each semester, SLLC Members commit to serving in the community for 3-5 hours each week at the service-learning placement of their choice. During the fall semester, students participate together in a one-credit course exploring civic engagement in broader contexts. This class integrates reflection of service and civic engagement opportunities around campus with guest speakers from UMBC and community organizations in and around Baltimore. Expectations for this class include participation in class discussions, readings, and reflective writing assignments. The class culminates in final presentations related to service. In the spring, SLLC will participate in several field trips and service projects. There may be opportunities for SLLC Members to attend and/or present at local/national conferences about their experiences. Based on interest, selection interviews (in-person, Skype, or phone) may take place in May.

For more information visit or contact Lori Hardesty at (410) 455-2493 or

Visual and Performing Arts Living-Learning Community back to top
The Visual and Performing Arts Living-Learning Community helps students broaden their understanding of art making and create essential connections across art disciplines. Residents share ideas and learn new skills in a supportive environment of dancers, actors, designers, composers, costumers, musicians and visual artists. Programs for the community offer movie nights, trips to performances, socials and discussions, all focused on the arts. The floor is known for the most passionate, impromptu late-night conversations on campus. It is the UMBC home for the majority of freshman and sophomore Linehan Artist Scholars.

For more information contact Doug Hamby at 410-455-2950 or

Women Involved in Learning and Leadership Living-Learning Community (WILL) back to top
The WILL program is a living-learning community where students practice leadership skills in a setting that promotes academic excellence and community engagement. Through WILL, students have the opportunity to meet with renowned speakers and activists, to live in the residence hall with other students committed to diverse gender and social justice issues and to work with feminist and other social change organizations. WILL students engage in leadership development opportunities, plan educational and advocacy programs, attend cultural events and participate in public service projects. Some of the events WILL students have organized include a weeklong global women’s health action, workshops on feminist activisms, “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like” T-shirt making and The Clothesline Project.

For more information visit or for more information contact Kate Drabinski at 410-455-6371 or

*This data was compiled through the annual Educational Benchmarking Incorporated (EBI) Resident Satisfaction Survey in November and December of 2012.