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The Writing Center


Located: A.O.K. Library, first floor. Go past the café and security sensors, and immediately turn right. Look up for a sign that says “LRC: Writing Center.” Sign in at the desk below.

Monday to Thursday 10am to 7pm

Friday 10am to 2pm

Opens: February 4th at 10am
Closes: last day of classes at 1pm

The Writing Center provides tutoring in writing to all UMBC students. You can bring in a writing assignment for any UMBC course as well as seek help with resumes, application essays (or personal statements) and letters, and personal writing.

The Writing Center offers both APPOINTMENT TUTORING AND WALK-IN TUTORING! To make an appointment, go to Create an account using your UMBC email, and choose from a wide range of tutors and appointment times to schedule a session that fits your needs. (Note: appointments must be made at least a day in advance, but if you need a same-day appointment, you can always just walk in.)

New: During the Fall 2014 semester, the Writing Center is pleased to offer drop-in resume critiques with Career Peers from the Career Services Center. Drop-in critiques are available from 6pm-8pm on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

The Writing Center's goal is to help you become an independent writer as you work with a tutor on these writing issues:

  • The generation of ideas
  • Thesis statements and paper unity
  • Organization
  • Content that is clear and adequately developed
  • Introductions and conclusions
  • Transition and coherence
  • Sentence and paragraph structure
  • Documentation
  • Spelling, grammar, writing mechanics
  • Other important writing issues

In a tutoring session, you have the opportunity to receive an objective view of your writing from a friendly and skilled writer. Another person's opinion is always helpful! As a result of your discussion with the tutor, troublesome writing can become stronger and strong writing can become even better.

A writing session usually lasts between 30-60 minutes, so plan to spend that amount of time. To help you experience a productive session, please do the following:

1) bring the assignment sheet for the paper,
2) bring two copies of a typed draft,
3) allow time to revise your paper after the session, and
4) be open to a session that will help you become a strong and independent writer.

Tutors do NOT just proofread or correct papers.

The Writing Center Tutors

Writing tutors have been recommended by at least two professors, have submitted writing samples, and, after acceptance, have been trained in English 395 (The Tutoring Internship), an academic course that deals with writing theory and pedagogy and also teaches effective tutoring methods. While taking the course, the students work as tutor interns in the Writing Center, learning from this practicum and from working with experienced tutor mentors.

Once they complete the course, the 395 students are then hired as writing tutors. They may take additional tutor training through the LRC's nationally recognized College Reading and Learning Association Tutor Certification Program. Multiple writing tutors have achieved Master Tutor status. The writing tutors represent a variety of majors and minors at UMBC and, like all LRC tutors, must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Want to become a Writing Center tutor? Contact the Director, Ms. Anissa Sorokin, at Be prepared to provide two letters of recommendation from college professors and at least ten pages of academic writing; strong candidates will be interviewed, and, if selected, will be given permission to enroll in English 395.

The Writing Center Director

Anissa Sorokin is the Director of the Writing Center as well as a writing instructor in the English Department. Ms. Sorokin English 395 for writing tutors and teaches an extension of that class, English 495, for tutors who would like to become Writing Fellows in the English Department. Ms. Sorokin can be reached in the LRC at 410-455-3291 (voice mail), in the Writing Center, or by email at .

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