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Andrea Taylorson-Collins, USFS Field Tech and CUERE Cooperator, checking on an ISCO water quality sampler deployed to a storm sewer in Watershed 263 in Baltimore.

CUERE and Physics researchers deploying eddy covariance equipment on the roof of the Physics building in 2008.

Robert Ryan, collaborator from Temple University, preparing to conduct a stream tracer test in Dead Run.

Roxanne Sanderson, CUERE Undergraduate Research Assistant, troubleshooting telemetry at a raingage site.

Pervious concrete installation at the TRC, organized by Stu Schwartz, CUERE Senior Scientist.

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CUERE’s mission is to advance the understanding of the environmental, social and economic consequences of the transformation of the urban landscape through research, conferences and symposia, support of university teaching programs and assistance to K-12 education.
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Weekly Seminar

September 4, 2015

CUERE's seminar series will resume
in September 2015 for the 2015-
2016 academic year. Please check back over the summer for the announcement of the first speaker.

What’s New

> Anna Johnson receives NSF post-doctoral fellowship
> Next BES LTER quarterly meeting June 11, 2015
> Alimatou Seck defended her PhD dissertation
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