UMBC Psychology Research Cited in TES Magazine

Published: Mar 12, 2014

A study conducted by researchers at UMBC and the University of Maryland, College Park was featured in a recent Times Educational Supplement article in TES Magazine. The article, titled “To help the little darlings out, let their parents in,” focuses on the study which found that two-thirds of parents think their children are brighter and higher-achieving than their classmates.

The research was conducted by Susan Sonnenschein, an associate professor of psychology, Shari Metzger, a graduate student in the Applied Developmental Psychology program and Laura Stapleton, an associate professor of measurement, statistics and evaluation at the University of Maryland, College Park.

The researchers found that parents who work as classroom assistants develop more of a realistic understanding of their children’s abilities and are able to offer them the specific help they need.

“Ensuring that parents are knowledgeable about their children’s academic skills is important if parents are to effectively assist their children at home with schoolwork,” the researchers said in the report. “Parents who are more knowledgeable about their children’s abilities interact more sensitively with their children, and provide more appropriate learning environments.”

The paper was published in the most recent edition of The Journal of Educational Research. You can read the full article in TES Magazine here.

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