UMBC Alumnae in Maryland’s Top 100 Women

Published: May 1, 2014

Each year since 1996, The Daily Record takes the time to find and recognize the accomplishments of Maryland’s Top 100 Women. These women are selected based upon their roles as leaders, their involvement in the community and their personal achievements. Receiving this award is an immense honor, one that brings its recipients great satisfaction.

Our alums never cease to amaze us with their successes. UMBC celebrates the fact that three of our alumnae, Kaliope Parthemos ‘93, psychology and Debora Fajer-Smith ’81, political science, were given the Maryland’s Top 100 Women award. Their influential roles as women leaders in their environment has led them to receive this honorable award, and for their contributions to society, we are truly grateful and extremely proud.

Photo via The Daily Record

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