What Makes a Retriever?

UMBC has unique long-standing traditions, made especially dear to students and alumni because so many of them were conceived and implemented by students.

UMBC After Dark

Life doesn’t pause when classes end and the sun goes down. Instead, students grab a cup of coffee and find a million ways of following their interests bringing campus to life.

Night Earth observation of Japan taken by Expedition 44 crewmember astronaut Scott Kelly, with a Soyuz Spacecraft connected to the Mini Research Module 1 (MRM1), and a Progress Spacecraft visible. Courtesy of NASA.

Star-Struck: An Astronaut’s Pivotal Moment

For astronaut and best-selling author Scott Kelly — who spent a short time as a Retriever in the 1980s — a small but pivotal spark happened on the UMBC campus.

Local governments’ cybersecurity crisis in 8 charts

Experts from UMBC’s School of Public Policy and Department of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering work together to understand how local governments practice cybersecurity.

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