Sawyers '99, History, Shares Memories of Father in Baltimore Sun

By: Magazine Editor
Jun 18, 2012

Seth Sawyers ’99, history, published an op-ed about childhood memories of his dad in the Father’s Day issue of the Baltimore Sun. Sawyers, who recently finished a memoir about growing up in the Maryland Appalachians in the 1980s, also teaches writing classes at UMBC.

An excerpt from the piece:

I just bought a little red car, and the other day, at a stoplight, I looked down at my hand on the stick shift, and suddenly I was seven years old, sitting in the back of our little red Ford Escort, and Dad was taking us fishing.

My dad had a black mustache. He liked jeans and T-shirts, and he wore them until they fell apart. He kept a handkerchief in his pocket, for his nose, for our noses. He wore a heavy belt buckle he’d gotten from the Outdoor Writers Association of America. Every six months, he smoked a cheap cigar. He jogged, fifteen or twenty miles at a time. He stood six feet even, exactly as tall as I am now.

Read the full essay here.

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