Mollye Bendell explores new artistic pathways, from Smithsonian to FabLab to a Wave Farm residency

Published: Apr 15, 2018

By: Tom Moore

Mollye Bendell

Mollye Bendell
M.F.A., Intermedia and Digital Arts
Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland
Plans: Artist residency at Wave Farm in Acra, New York

UMBC provided amazing faculty who really took the time to personally mentor me. I was given the creative freedom and conceptual guidance to learn a lot of new skill sets such as algorithmic modeling, codeable objects, programming for virtual reality environments, electronics production, and many others.

During her time as a graduate student in the department of visual art’s intermedia and digital arts program, Mollye Bendell led the setup of a new fabrication facility, the FabLab, and also worked at the Smithsonian Institution’s design shop as a fabricator for public displays and museum exhibitions. She taught classes on lab equipment, including computer-aided design (CAD) software, laser cutters, and a computer numerical control (CNC) router.

Bendell also served as a student leader, teacher, and mentor on campus. She was a member of the Graduate Student Senate and taught Visual Concepts III: Three-dimensional Form, Space and Interaction.

Mollye Bendell — Wander-Wonder
Bendell’s thesis exhibition artwork, Wander/Wonder, incorporated two interactive experiences: Wander, a walkable street map of Baltimore City with all the buildings removed except the psychic reader businesses, and Wonder, a fly-through digital astral plane within a virtual reality environment. Rolling the crystal ball controls both sides of the project simultaneously.

In 2016, Bendell’s artwork XXchange was exhibited at Area 405 in Baltimore, and in 2017 she participated in UMBC’s Spark II gallery at Light City with Resistant Cells. Also in 2017, her works Artists for Truth and FFPP: Feminism Fights Patriarchal Power, were displayed at Space Camp in Baltimore, and her work FFMM: Feminism Fights Military Morals was displayed at the Ballroom Gallery in Baltimore.

This May, Bendell will present her master’s thesis exhibition, Wander/Wonder, at the conference “Politics of the Machines — Art and After” in Copenhagen, Denmark. She’ll then move on to an artist residency at Wave Farm in Acra, New York.

Portrait by Marlayna Demond ’11 for UMBC.

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