Michele Osherow, English, in Folger Theatre Production Diary

Published: Feb 17, 2014

Folger Theatre announced on its “Production Diary” blog last week that Richard III has been extended and will now run at the theatre through March 16. English Associate Professor Michele Osherow worked closely on the production of Richard III as dramaturg and sat down for an interview to discuss her role.

Michele Osherow

In a Q&A published on the Folger Theatre blog, Osherow notes the role of dramaturg can vary depending on the production. “In a general sense, the dramaturg is thought of as ‘the scholar in the rehearsal room,’” Osherow said. “The scholarship I’ll bring to a Folger project can range from literary criticism to historical information.”

Osherow further discussed her role as always focusing on what makes the play stronger by discussing concepts with the director, mastering the history of the play and providing materials to help artists involved in the production.

“Listening carefully and being open-minded is very important. At the same time, it’s my job, I think, to ask a lot of questions about choices and concepts, to interrogate how they serve the play,” she added.

You can read the full interview in Folger Theatre’s blog here.

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